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In every room we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and use weekly observations where all staff plan activities to meet these areas. The staff work with all our parents on their child`s development and each half term the staff write next steps for the children involving the parents. Every room has a planning board where you can find and read about all the fun activities the children will be doing that week. Each member of the team is passionate about working with children and we want your child to feel safe, secure and most of all happy so that they can develop to their full potential. 


Strawberry and Watermelon Room

Welcome to Strawberry Room (our baby room for under 1s) and Watermelon (for 1 – 2-year-old children). Strawberry and Watermelon staff are dedicated and passionate about their work; they enjoy getting messy with the children and encourage all children to take part in group dancing, singing and story time. There is a flexible daily routine within the room and each day we ensure that a creative activity is implemented. This could be anything from colouring and chalking to flour, painting and corn flour play so please ensure that your child has a change of clothes as we do enjoy getting messy!


We encourage group activities with the children to aid the development of their social skills such as singing, stories and circle times. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and using weekly observations we all plan the activities to meet these areas, you will find our plans on display for your information. All children have a record of their achievements where we keep any observations and photographs.


In our Strawberry Room we keep the children on their routine they have at home and are very flexible with sleep and meal times.


During meal times all children sit together at low chairs around the table, lots of encouragement is given to the children that are starting to feed themselves and those that require it are given help. After lunch we provide each child with their own bed and clean sheets. The room layout enables us to turn off the lights in one end so that those not sleeping can continue to play in the other end.


Kiwi Room

We are pleased to welcome you to Kiwi Room (our 2-3-year-old room) where the fun never stops! In this room we encourage independence. We are pleased to offer low rise toilets and sinks at just the right height for your child where we encourage potty training and hand washing. We realise that each child is different and have their own requirements so with regards to toilet training we will follow your routine. In Kiwi Room after lunch the children have a nap of up to 2 hours following their parent`s wishes, children that do not sleep have a rest time while reading books.


Your child will be exploring a range of areas and activities in our large room of which we feel are very important at this stage of their development, these include:


· Free expression through a range of creative activities

· Colour recognition and naming

· Counting and number recognition

· Developing fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination with activities such as pencil and scissor control

· Imaginative play and Role play

· Group activities including dancing and music and movement

· Forming friendships and understanding the importance of sharing

· Learning about rules and boundaries


Pineapple Room

Pineapple is our pre-school room for our 3-5-year olds. It is a lovely large inviting room which contains a range of equipment designed to teach children through a multi-sensory approach. Emphasis is placed on the child developing a healthy lifestyle, being independent and taking responsibility for his/her own actions. A qualified teacher is based in this room along with highly experienced and professional staff.


Children are closely observed in their play so that their interests can be nurtured and developed. We encourage children to investigate and explore their surroundings and provide activities which enrich this important area of development. We believe that preparing children for further stages in their learning is key: this is encouraged using technology, including computers and digital cameras, and being reflective learners by asking questions and finding out how and why things happen.


We also know that preparation for school is extremely important and ensuring that the transition between settings is made as easy as possible. This is all done whilst keeping in mind that each child is an individual and their readiness for such activities. These activities are an ‘add on’ to the already varied and challenging activities planned for each session.


We have close links with local schools. In the term before the child goes to school we welcome teachers to come and visit the children in our setting, where they are more comfortable. There is also transparency between professionals and information is shared sensitively.

All activities reflect the developmental ability of the child and are differentiated to meet all children’s needs. The activities are planned to meet the 6 areas of the EYFS curriculum and a child’s progress is tracked carefully to ensure progress is at an optimum.




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